"10 steps on how to forget Tragedy."

1. Love money
you can't live without "money". So think about money all the time may help get rid of sadness.

2. Normalizing all the people and events
just imagine your long-time crush dozing off on the table with saliva around. Dark sky, strong wind, zoom in, he's drooling. You will never be able to cry or complain any more.

3. Be crazy

4. Hang out with crazy people
tragedies can bring two people closer but won't be able to bring them close longer

5. Work and work,
working can make you forget about tragedies for a while.

6. Talk about the past with tone of an outsider. 

7. Find happiness in little things. 
For example, you can go learn how to do belly dance.

8. Craving to die
Whenever you want to die, lie down and think about how you would kill yourself, who would die with you, how the world would suffer, how many people will cry, how many debts you won't have to pay. after thinking for a while, you will fall asleep. And when you wake up, things will be alright again.

9. Ignorance
Talk about your tragedy with someone who doesn't listen.
He or she will say: "Yeah? So? Then?" and you will know he/she doesn't care. It makes you upset=> start to argue with that person=> no time for tragedy.

10. Sleep
Everytime you feel down, just go to sleep. Although sleeping to much can bring side effects like puffy face, drooling nonstop

That's alright we can talk about that later...