"Heart & Seoul"

Hi Loves!


I am giving out virtual hugs and kisses to all of you!
How are you spending it today?

My plans are staying home and watching netflix with my boys.
Netflix and (really) Chill!

I didn't expect any gifts this year from the Hubby but it seems he did actually get me some cute and sweet stuffs.

He even dropped by at my Bestie's work to get me my favourite sippy sippy drinky. 

But the highlight of all would be this:

He told me that he somehow bumped into this Lipstick a couple of days ago in the Internet when he was searching "Seoul".

To be honest, I've been watching way too many Vlogs about Seoul because I seriously miss this Country and mostly I miss my dear friends there.

To cheer me up, my dear Hubby thought that this would be the perfect gift...


and I couldn't agree more.