Hi Loves!

So, I've been posting some "hints" on my Snapchat lately where I'm actually doing my newest shenanigan and there you have it!

I posted a new Video where you can find me lately!

In my opinion, it's the best place ever to be for me when I'm totally stressed or just want to unwind.
Being a mum is never easy and sometime's you just need a time for your own.

Boxing had always my interest but I never really thought of doing it.
Then sometime ago I found this quote:
"So please, ask yourself: "What would I do if I weren't afraid?" and then go do it!"

I went to one of Backyard's open house day and watched the free training.
It made such a good impact on me that I signed up right away for a 1 year contract.

I can only recommend it! I've been going now 2x, even 3x, a week for a training and it's so worth it!
If you aren't sure if Boxing is something for you, come for a free (!) 1-day try-out!

For more information, go check out their Website!

I hope to see some of you there and (maybe) we could spar!