"I'm such a spoiledbrat!"

Hi Loves!

Another video is up!
It may look like a Haul but it's not!

My brother came back from his vacay in the Philippines and Singapore.
Since my brother loves me very much, he spoiled me with some goodies from both Country!

Most of the goodies are actually beauty product that I either mostly use and just run out of it or something I really wanted for a long time...NARS..TOO FACED!

Some people told me I'm bragging in this video but let's be honest...who won't?!
I've always been the little sister and it's rare for my brothers to bring me something and if they do...I do a lot of bragging! DON'T JUDGE!

Anyway, I will still list down the Items I got.

Items showed in the Video:

Baby Bench Colonia
Ice Mint

Bello Essentials
Pore Minimizing Face Wash
Pore Minimizing Toner
Whitening Lotion

Universal Studio

Jungle Red (1011)

Natural Feminine Wash

↠ Starbucks
Singapore Mug

↠ Too Faced
Melted Liquified Longe Wear Lipstick in Melted Velvet

After Sun Body Gel

NARS in the shade of "JUNGLE RED" and TooFaced in "MELTED VELVET"

I hope you enjoy this Video and do tag me if you also got some "bragging" Vlogs! 
I love to watch them!