"Shop with a purpose, Darling!"

Hi Loves!

Do you know how hard it is to get Make-up brands here in Vienna?!?
Oh, I do shop online but let me tell you that one of my favourite Shops don't even ship to Austria!

Sephora ships to Germany, Czech Republic and Italy but NOT to Austria which for some reason I would never understand. I even tried to E-mail them once asking why so but never got a respond.

Anyway, recently a friend of mine wrote me on Facebook asking me if I would like some Items from Too Faced and Kat Von D.

She's getting them shipped from the U.S and of course, who am I not to order right away?

So I got myself the Too Faced "Chocolate Bon Bon" Palette which came out for a Valentine's special and I do have to tell you it's super cute!

As for now I can't tell you much how it is since I haven't used it yet but I do plan on a Vlog about it very soon.

So let me share with you for now just a picture.


I also got the famous mascara, which earned me a weird look from my Husband.


and last but not least I got myself another Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

in the shade of "Melted Ruby"

That's it for now with my Too Faced Haul.
I will update with a Video when I'm done doing it!

Until then,..