"I'm so into you, Babe!"

Hi Loves!

Some of you may know that I used to be a dancer in my younger years and I was damn proud of it!
I even teached choreography in a dancing school in Vienna and I really took pride on my works.

Even though I might have stopped dancing, I still love watching Videos of other Choreographers and some of them I can't get enough...I literally "rape" the Replay-button on Youtube.

So, I thought why not share this very cute piece by Lia Kim to BoA's "FOX".
I'm obsessed with this choreography of hers and wish I could meet her when I get back to Seoul.
Maybe even attend one of her classes..who knows? 
I might still got some grooves in my old body.

Enjoy and do share if you like it!

Sharing is Caring!