"I have pretty girl friends."

Hi Loves!

How are you doing on this sunny day?
Me? I just came back from my date with a very beautiful friend of mine.

To be honest, I could strangle her...because I am totally jelly of her beauty!
I think ever since I followed her on  IG, there isn't one single picture that I didn't like.

A little info about her:
She's a flight attendant for a very known "Austrian" Airline.

Len just came back from Canada and she brought me some awesome goodies.
Which, of course she brought from Sephora!
All of this Items are actually in my "must have" list.

Too Faced "LOVE FLUSH" in the shade;

Kat Von D "Studded Kiss" in the shade;

Then I got 2 different Make-Up Erasers.
1.) The Original MakeUp Eraser in Black
2.) Black Magic Set by Sephora in Black and Purple

I haven't tried it out yet as I still have some wipes left I want to use all of and then I can finally try both of the Make-Up Erasers and even Vlog about it.

I also got some stuffs from her that I rather want to keep a secret (for now) and maybe you might spot them on some of my future videos!