"Sometimes we get so used to not really feeling anything, just going with the flow, that we forget how it feels to be really happy or sad."
-Lindsey Kelk, I Heart New York

Hi Loves!

Can I tell you a little secret of mine?
When I read books I space into another world and I always feel like I'm actually there with the characters the more I read into the story.
Crazy, isn't it?

Anyway, on this post I would like to share with you my ultimate all-time favourite Author.

If you haven't heard of her before, then it's high time you go and buy one of her books!
I promise, you will be missing out some very good, romantic and damn funny stories!

I remember when I had the very first book of hers from my Hubby.
He bought me the "I HEART PARIS" not knowing it's actually a series book.
We were still dating back then and he knew how obsessed I am (still) with Paris.

When I looked the Author up on google, that's where I found out about the very first part which is called  "I HEART NEW YORK" and from there on I would always buy all her books.
 I HEART NEW YORK  (ISBN 9780007306114)
I HEART HOLLYWOOD (ISBN 9780007288403)
I HEART PARIS ( ISBN 9780007288410)
 (ISBN 9780007345625)
I HEART LONDON (ISBN 9780007462278)
 Extra: I HEART CHRISTMAS ( ISBN 9780007501502)

Let's not forget the other great stories she wrote!
The Single Girl's To-Do List ( ISBN 9780007345632)
About a Girl ( ISBN 9780007497980)
What a Girl Wants ( ISBN 9780007501533)
Always the Bridesmaid ( ISBN 9780007582341)
A Girl's Best Friend ( ISBN 9780007582372)

My personal favourite would be "ABOUT A GIRL".

There are actually 2 Stories I don't own by Lindsey Kelk because they came out as E-Books and I'm not a big fan of E-Book Readers at all!

If you ever decide to read one of her books, do let me know what you think about it!