Shake It. Twist It. Love It!

Hi Loves!

Let me tell you something real quick about this Vlog of mine that I posted awhile ago.

I was lucky enough to be picked out by Douglas as one of a few who were allowed to test the new Product, which is coming out this April by Lancôme.

It's their Juicy Shaker which comes in various of flavors and colors.
I got the Shade of  381 "Mangoes Wild".

At first I didn't know what exactly to expect since all I knew about this  was their very catchy short commercial I keep seeing at Facebook.

So, I was quite excited when my little package finally arrived and on that day I even had a Date with my Ladycrush!

According to Lancôme's Website, the Juicy Shaker is not only a Lipstick but also a Lip-care.
It's formula contains sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil along with the touch of the right color for every Day.

To be honest, I almost shredded the package just to get my hands on this thing!

First things first.
I was disappointed!

Not about the Product though but the way they sent me the Item!
The Lippie was not in it's usual Lancôme Box but just in a small pink (cheap) pouch.

I was NOT amused.

But then let's move on to the Lippie itself.
I do have to tell you though, I find it totally cute because it does look like one of those Shakers you get to see Bartenders shake your favorite Cocktail in.

The first thing I always do when I get a new Lipstick or Lip-care is smell on it.
Some may find it gross but I do want to know if it smells good!
I don't want my Husband be kissing me and I smell like a rotten egg.

This time I wasn't let down.
I am in love with the smell!
It does give you a fruity feeling and you might want to taste it.

The cushion applicator lays very nice on the lips and it feels like you are using a very soft sponge.
I didn't had any problem applying it on my lips and it does absorb enough colors that you need only one layer.
It isn't sticky on the lips and gives out a very glossy look.

I tried out the Product for a week and I do have to say I'm in love with it!
I'll be surely buying other colors.

My routine before putting on lipstick is to never forget to use any lip-care product but with this one I had both!

I can only recommend this to anyone who loves lip-care and lipstick at the same time.

If you already tried this out, do let me know down bellow on the comment section!