"Moon Spiral Heart Attack"

Hi Loves!

Do you know this feeling?
It makes you happy and you just want to dance around at the near sight of the Postman with your package?

You do?

Basically this is what happend...

I can't even!
Like seriously, just go watch my Video and feel with me!

I'm just so happy right now I could hug the next person who walks by...
and I just did!

My little Panala Bear just walked by and I just hugged him and he ran to his Dad.

Items in the Video:

Limited Edition:
Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeiner ↠ Spiral Heart Moon Rod 
Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner ↠  Pink Moon Stick 

My inner child is screaming because it feels better than Christmas having this Sailor Moon Wands!

Little sidenote: It took me almost 4 minutes to figure out how to open the Sailor Mars Eyeliner!