"Skies the limit.."

Hey Loves!
Today, I'm celebrating my 4th Wedding Anniversary.

I knew my Husband had plans but not sure what exactly they were.
Around 4 pm I finally got ready and he told me to wear something "nice" and he barely tells me what to wear, so it could only mean it must be somewhere fancy.

I wore a black dress with lace arms that I haven't worn for about 2 years and I still fit! 
The Husband rocked a suit.

We took a Taxi and drove at a Hotel called "Sofitel".
It looked very fancy and big on the outside!
(picture taken after...)

I remembered this Hotel because a couple of years ago I went there with some friends for a photo shooting.

 I wasn't really sure what we were doing here at all since we don't go to fancy places except the one we went to in Paris in 2014.

We took an elevator, which was pitch black that you couldn't even see your own hand before your face, that had went all the way to the 18th floor and when the door opened, the view before me was incredible!
(Panorama View)

We were asked if we had any reservation and yes, we did!
They took our jackets and guided us to our table which had to be the  most best one among all the tables there.

I was speechless how beautiful Vienna could be.
Sometimes I forget it for various of reasons...

(The view from our seats.)

We had our own Waiter and he congratulated us on our Anniversary, which was very nice of him!
He entertained us quite a lot yet he gave us the privacy we needed.

Before we ordered food, the Husband and I took our sweet time to talk about everything and anything in this World, it was the best part of it all.

Now let's go to the food, since I'm pretty sure you all want to know what we ate.
But one quick stop!

This was the best view for me.
(My Date)

We ordered Rib Eye Steak for two.
The menu included mashed Potatoes, green Salad, Béarnaise and Bone marrow.

(If you're wondering what the Campbell can is doing there, it was a gag by the Restaurant.
Inside were little Tomatoes with Raspberry, Basil and Lemon Pepper)

It was the best steak we ever had!
I have to be honest...

This menu is way better than the one we had in Paris!
(Hello, from the other side...)

We took our sweet time savoring the food and I can only recommend it to every one who ever plans eating at DAS LOFT.

There was this one comment the Husband made which had me laughing bad.
"Hey Hun, why don't we celebrate our Anniversary every Year here?"

I couldn't agree more to that idea.

Thanks to DAS LOFT for reminding me there are still things to enjoy in Vienna.
Once you see the view from up there, you will fall in love again with this City.

Even after 4 years of marriage, he still dates me as if we just met.