"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies."
-George R. R. Martin

 Hi Loves!
I wanted to share with you all what I purchased today.

For those who have known me longer now, would know that I'm a big Book-Collector.
I don't have a particular genre that I prefer. I just read what I either think it's interesting, the cover looks quite nice, recommended or it's a gift. (You can always get me with books!)

Since I spent most of my free time watching Videos on Youtube, I would look up Korean Styles.
Either it's Clothes, Make-Ups or even Skin Care.
(Yes, I am and always have been obsessed with Koreans...)

The other day I bumped into this gorgeous Vlogger named Rachel Nguyen who reviewed about Korean Skin Care and she mentioned this particular Book and of course I had to google it.

Here's the Video:

"the little book of Skin Care" - Charlotte Cho
 It was quite hard to look for the Book since it's not very well known here in Vienna but my local Book-"dealer" told me that they would order it for me.
That's why I totally love them and ALWAYS buy all my Books from them.
So, here's the Book which Rachel as been talking about and I haven't read it yet as I actually started reading the other Book that I bought along with this.
BUT! I will be posting an extra Blog about "the little book of Skin Care" by Charlotte Cho.

"The Fill-In Boyfriend"  - Kasie West
 This is the Book I was talking about earlier.
I wanted this Book for so long but always hesitated because it seemed like some Teeny-Story, which actually is but I'm still in love with the Storyline and the whole concept.
I can only recommend this for all those hopeless romantic like me!

"Anne of Green Gables" - L.M Montgomery
I'll be honest with this one.
I just bought it because it has the cutest hardcover ever!
I'll still be reading it the future someday.

If you have any Books you would recommend, do let me know down bellow on the comment section and I'll surely check them out.