Hi Loves!

Are there some Japan-Fans out there?
Do some of you  know what's written above?

It means "KAWAII".
For those who doesn't know what it means, the translation is "CUTE".

Because this Post will be super C U T E!

Today I recieved a package, which was sort of damage as you can see at the picture above but I'm happy that nothing was missing when I checked the List of Item which should be inside.

The package came from KAWAII BOX and it's their February 2016 Subscription Box.

So let's do some unboxing.
I always love when I get some Postcards and this one really had me in my Heart.

At the back of the Postcard were the Item listed down.
(I think they were making sure nothing was missing.)

All the Items were super organized and it fitted perfectly like a puzzle into the box.

There were so many Items in there, that I didn't even know where to start!

💝 Korean DIY Magic Balloon Set
💝 DIY Bead Bracelet Set

The DIY's totally made my day!
Some of you might know it or not but I do love DIY's!
There are times I totally get creative and start doing some random things which ends up either being worn or useful at home.

💝 Bourbon Petit Green Tea Flavored Cookies
💝 Funny Forest Greeting Card
💝 Cute Bunny Paperclips
💝 Neko Sticker Sheet

Those are one of my passion to collect!
Everytime I write any Letters to my friend in Seoul, I end up decorating it with any cute Stickers.
Paperclips can never be wrong! Mostly when you're an avid reader like me, who reads tons of books and sometimes even at the same time. (weird,huh?!?)
The Postcard totally matched JD and my zodiac! Was that planned?
As for the Cookies, I was never into Green Tea. I was actually planning on giving it to a friend who likes it but it all went into JD's mouth right after he saw it was eatable.

This Set of Items has to be my favorite ones.
Just look at how cute they are?!
The Crepe reminded me so much when I ate one of those a lot of time in Seoul a couple of years ago. They make one very addicted to it!
It's a Crepe in the form of a Fish and they fill it up with Ice Cream.
I'll be using the Pouch for my little scented envelope sachet that I recieved from my friend in Seoul because I kept complaining that sometimes some of my Bags ends up being smelly for some reason.
I hope the Sheep does send out some good luck but even not, it's still cute!
I never really had anything to do with the Moomins and to be honest it does creap me out a bit.

If you are interested to see more of these Cute Items go check out their Website KAWAII BOX.
They offer Subscription Boxes for 1, 3 or 6 Months but also for a whole year, which will also feature 1 free box!

Also the Items featured here on my Blog can be obtained separately!
Go check out BLIPPO and they even offer free shipping!

Let me know if you tried a Subscription Box before and if you have any recommendations for me!