“Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts” 

"My Body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story."
- Johnny Depp

Hi Loves!
How have you all been doing?
It's been a while since I last posted a Blog and I can't wait to upload a little Update of my life.

There are  a lot of things I've been thinking and planning lately that it feels like my head would burst.
I need a time out...from life.

Recently I got a new tattoo and I will be showing it to you all once everything is finally done.
It's a piece that means the most to be because it will always remind me of life and what I want from it.

To be honest..
My mum doesn't know it yet..so does my first and third eldest brothers.
As for the second, he knows and he understands... because he has a tattoo too.

Until now my mum doesn't approve of my tattoos because in most Asia, tattoos are always connected either about Gangs or people who came from Prison.

In other word...
it's B A D.

It's quite hard for her to understand that my tattoos are constantly a reminder for me about my past, presence and future.

I bumped into this Video* above on Youtube and every single word is true.
People may never understand what it means to you but it's enough when you do.

Every time I get asked why I have tattoos.
I always answer with a smile:
"Some people have arts on their wall while I have them on my Body."

Every single person is different and each one of us deal with life the way we think is the best for us.

I know a lot of people who write a Dairy, Journal, Blog and many more to keep each single story of their life remembered.

I have mine painted on me.

*Credits to Buzzfeedvideo on Youtube