"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills."
- Chinese Proverb

Hi Loves!

How have you all been?
How's summer so far?

I'm currently back from my litte Vacation and I am totally wanting to go back!

Where I've been?

I visited the great wall of China and I could finally check it on my Bucket list!
Never did I imagine I could actually ever visit the Wall.

All I did before was look at pictures and watch some videos on Youtube.

Speaking of Youtube!
I of course did a bit of a Vlogging and let me tell you, loves!

There is no amount of words I can write how I felt in that moment!

Without much of me blabbing, here's the Vlogs for you all to enjoy!

12 Hours of Layover

The Great Wall of China

Toboggan Ride*

*This had to be the best part of them all!