"The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my Life &  Heart with you!"

Hey Loves!!

How are you all?

Did you get to spend your Christmas, just like you wished for?
I spent it in bed being sick but the Hubby and I still flew a day after Christmas Eve to surprise the Kids in Vienna, where they are currently spending their vacation at their Grannies.

I still have a couple of hours left until New Year and I thought why not write one last Blog for 2017.

This year has been the most whirlwind year I've ever had in my 29 years of living in this World. Do let me tell you that I had so many ups and downs that it had more loops than any Rollercoaster there ever existed!

John and I lost our daughter Serene Rei even before she was born and until now it still takes a toll on both of us. I don't think we can ever move on but we strongly believe she's watching us from above as a little Angel.

I finally got to work in my dream company I've been applying for 10 years and every single day feels like I'm not going to work but a place I am just happy to be.

We never thought we would actually move to a new City until we were given the chance to do so, and do let me tell you this too...we don't regret any single second we moved.

We both met new people as colleagues and some of them even became friends, which we are thankful for.

I also finally get to do more of the things I've been always wanting to do, like finally find time to be more active on being fit, blogging and just having time for myself as well as for my Boys.

I hosted my very first Blog event in a very cute Café in Vienna and even got invited to one which was hosted by my favourite Blogger Andi a.k.a

Also as the year is coming to an end, there is another thing I realized.
The less mess in life the happier I am turning.

I started decluttering my stuff, friends and life!
As every year I get older, I realize how very few friends I really actually have and until now I am so lucky to have those people who really loves me for me.

Some of those friends are the ones I haven't seen for a long time and yet it feels like, we never parted.

Let me tell you two quick story:

1.) I got to watch my PLUS ONE Juliee get married on Snapchat back in January. I cried so bad because I wished I could be part of it but I couldn't fly out to her. She still made me a part of it by calling me and I am truly grateful to her. I love you, Juliee!

2.) While I had my vacation this December, I had some plans and I got stranded in Munich and on that very same evening at the Airport, I saw 2 of my closest girlfriends which I haven't seen for almost 2 years and I even slept at their place instead at the Airport. We had so much to talk and it was so funny knowing that all of us are getting older, and all 3 of us even moved to different places.

Makes me realize that not everyone in your life is permanent but only the ones that matter.

Also as 2017 is coming to an End, I have to write a little thank you to Manon and Sarah for being my backbones in times I felt like I'm too weak to even survive the day.
Girls, you know that there are no words in this World that can ever explain how grateful I am for the both of you. I love the both of you!

I would like to tell you other things like the bad side of my 2017 but honestly, I rather would like to count down to New Year.

I'm wishing for 2018 to be kinder to me since it's the year of the Dragon  Dog and this girl here is proud of being born in the Year of the Dragon! 88'er BABY!

My mistake, it's the year of the Dog and still, I wish for a kinder year since I totally adore Dogs and I'm always nice to them when I see one.

I wouldn't say I hate 2017 since "hate" is a very strong word but I would rather like to say "goodbye 2017, you really had me this year."

I still have about 2 hours left and I'm pretty sure some of you are already into 2018 but still I would like to say that I wish you all the best in 2018 and no matter what comes your way, let's face it with a smile and courage to achieve everything we want!

And of course, I can NOT forget to thank my Family for the endless support we receive from them. The amount of love they keep giving us endlessly.

My Husband and my two little amazing Boys, I could never do this without you.
You three are my whole World.
Let's go into 2018 with happiness and more love!

I'll be here and be welcoming 2018 with a better version of me and hopefully, you'll be here too.

SEE YOU IN 2018!